MBSLMerchant Bank of Sri Lanka
mbslMeters Below Sea Level (measurement)
MBSLMax Beckmann Seiner Liebsten (German: Max Beckmann His Sweetheart; novel)
MBSLMcNally Business Services Limited (Ireland)
MBSLMinimum Basic Setback Line
MBSLMean Blood Sugar Levels (diabetes research)
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3) Phelps credits the initial MBSL Reports with providing both "the facts which go to form this fiction" and "the ribs of my story"(1983, 1, 2).
Specifically, Perley's management, from above, of contumacious workers may be seen as a direct response to bourgeois fears, voiced notably in the MBSL Reports, that had working-class leaders arisen during the strike-torn summer of 1870, working-class revolt and riot would have followed.
MBSL Group, now InterSearch Group, is a publicly traded holding company which was established to acquire or strategically partner with firms that provide technology support to the financial and transaction processing industries.
MBSL Group Chairman Frank McPartland said, "We are very excited about entering one of the hottest growth industries to come along in a very long time.
MBSL said it was dropping a plan to merge with MBSL Savings Bank and become a 'licensed specialized bank.
As previously announced October 4, MBSL Group announced it had signed a letter of intent to merge Corporate Consulting Services, Inc.
The transaction is expected to close within 60 days upon completion of due diligence and the approval of MBSL Group's board and a majority of its shareholders.
Dan O'Donnell, the founder and President of GFS, said, "Our combination with MBSL will allow us to focus on our core competencies for the bank, brokerage, and insurance services.
MBSL Group, a company that provides professional services and technology support to the financial services industry, reported expanded revenues for FY 2000, primarily resulting from the addition of two subsidiaries.
We changed to MBSL Group for a couple of reasons," said Chairman and CEO Frank McPartland.
is a Florida-based consolidator of technology-driven financial service companies including clearing firms and the company's shares are listed by the symbol MBSL through the National Quotation Bureau's (NQB) Pink Sheets.