MBSRMindfulness Based Stress Reduction (Dr. Myra Weiss)
MBSRMeditation-Based Stress Reduction (alternative medicine)
MBSRMember of the British School of Reflexology
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Between baseline and week 9, PCL scores among patients in the MBSR group improved from 63.
NCNM researchers will introduce MBSR to study participants as an 8-week program consisting of weekly 2-hour classes in meditation, breath work, yoga, self-reflection and awareness.
Further, MBSR taught individuals to recognize and accept their thoughts and feelings with a nonjudgmental attitude; other psychotherapies focused on solutions to help people restructure cognition and coping strategies (Silverton & Kabat-Zinn, 2012).
The use of MBSR was only slightly less effective than blood pressure medication.
This MBSR program is about sharing the practice of mindfulness meditation with the veteran community in Tennessee, and doing so within a clinically validated teaching model," Barrientos said.
Zindel Segal, Mark Williams and John Teasdale based their development of Mindfulnessbased cognitive therapy (MBCT) on Kabat-Zinn's MBSR.
One relatively large-scale, wait list-controlled study (n=1,953 adults) assessed the effects of MBSR on inmates incarcerated for drug-related convictions.
Choosing a time-tested program such as MBSR or mindfulness-based relapse prevention (MBRP) may be optimal for aftercare services in clinical settings because of the structure they teach in addition to the mindfulness skills themselves.
When assessed three months after completing an eight-week treatment protocol, the researchers found that both CBT-I and MBSR reduced insomnia severity across each group.
In my experience--which, admittedly, has been brief (as of this writing I've been practicing MBSR for about six months)--the secularized version of meditation and mindfulness is not just vaguely compatible with a humanist outlook.
In the MBSR programme, Lisa was also taught another useful mindfulness skill--sitting and simply noticing the thoughts coming and going in her mind.
Por ejemplo, Morone, Greco y Weiner (2008) aplicaron el programa MBSR mejorando la funcion fisica y la aceptacion del dolor en una muestra de mayores con dolor lumbar cronico, mientras que en una revision sobre ACT, Pull (2008) recoge varios estudios que informan de resultados positivos de su aplicacion al dolor cronico.