MBSRQMultidimensional Body-Self Relations Questionnaire
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To further explore the differences between skill variations within a beginning-level ballet class, in 2011 Radell, Adame, Cole and Blumenkehl8 replicated the basic design of the Radell, Adame, and Cole (6) 2004 study, also using the MBSRQ.
Numerous studies offer evidence of the reliability, validity, and factor structure of the MBSRQ (see, for example, Brown, Cash, and Mikulka (23)).
and (c) As a preliminary indication of construct validity, is there a significant relationship between the MBSRQ and ASI-R in Hispanic college women?
Data related to MBSRQ subscales in fertile and infertile men Body Subscales Infertile Fertile P-value M [+ or -] SD M [+ or -] SD Appearance evaluation 3.
016); however none of the other MBSRQ subscales were significantly different.
Self-Acceptance = Self-Acceptance subscale of the Psychological Well-Being scales (PWB); Environmental Mastery = PWB Environmental Mastery subscale; Appearance Evaluation = Appearance Evaluation subscale of the Multidimensional Body-Self Relations Questionnaire (MBSRQ); Body Area Satisfaction = MBSRQ Body Area Satisfaction subscale; Dominance = Dominance subscale of the Conformity to Masculine Norms Inventory (CMNI); Pursuit of Status = CMNI Pursuit of Status subscale; Victimization = Victimization subscale of the Bullying, Fighting, Victimization scale (BFV); Bullying = BFV Bullying subscale.
The MBSRQ is a standardized instrument for measuring attitudinal assessment of body-image and weight-related variables, with demonstrated reliability and validity in a number of settings.
The MBSRQ-AS contains 34 items and is a shortened version of the original 69-item MBSRQ (see Cash, 2000a).
The correlation between the MBSRQ Appearance Orientation and Body Areas Satisfaction subscale was r = .
Based on their responses to the MBSRQ, the men who were characterized with muscle dysmorphia were significantly less satisfied with the appearance of their lower torsos, muscle tone, and weight.
Test-retest reliability for the MBSRQ scales ranged from .
The Body-Areas Satisfaction Subscale (BASS) of the Cash MBSRQ assesses satisfaction or dissatisfaction with discrete aspect of one's body areas.