MBTEMethyl Tertiary-Butyl Ether (fuel additive)
MBTEMyelin Basic Protein Transcription Element (genetics)
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38) The switch from MBTE to ethanol "coincided with the seasonal change-over to less-evaporative summer-grade gasoline.
Currently, 28 states have shown MBTE water contamination, which could require costly work to clean up.
In addition to the immunity action, the bill sought payment of $2 billion over seven years as transition assistance for MBTE makers having to phase out production of the additive.
A recent ban on MBTE by New York and Connecticut has made ethanol an especially critical commodity in the region.
Alkylate is made from propylene by refiners and is used as a gasoline blending ingredient that may replace the environmentally under fire additive MBTE.
Promote a "greener" environment (unlike the MBTE additive) -- Promote economic growth and job creation -- Secure a better, more independent energy policy decreasing the need for imported petroleum products -- Help reduce the cost of gasoline
MyCelx units clean carcinogenic wastewater, a by-product of MBTE production, so it may be safely discharged or re-used.
According to Ethanol Fuel Markets 2007, a full ten-fold increase in the use of ethanol worldwide is possible during the next ten years if ethanol replaces MBTE as the preferred oxygenate in gasoline.
Myth: PWC cause the majority of MBTE emissions into surface water bodies.
Fact: Leaking underground fuel storage tanks and pipeline spills are the major sources of MBTE emissions in surface waters.