MBTHMethyl-2-Benzothiazolinone Hydrazone
MBTHMaterial by the Hour (service contract)
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The phenoloxidase stain was prepared in PBS and contained 5[micro] M L-DOPA and 5 mM MBTH.
Each aliquot was separated by SDS-PAGE; the gels were then incubated in the substrate 4-methyl-catechol and MBTH solutions and processed as above.
When he expressed an interest in taking a more formal role for MBTH, we leapt at the opportunity to bring him on board.
In fact, I am in discussions to invest my own money in the xG opportunity through MBTH because I feel xG presents just too great a prospect to pass up.
L), ("xG"), announced today that telecom and technology industry veteran Jack Grubman has been appointed to the MBTH board of directors, effective immediately.
Commenting on the announcement, Jack Grubman said, "I am pleased to join the board of directors of MBTH.
Commenting on the announcement, George Schmitt, xG Director and CEO of MB Technology Holdings, said, "We are very pleased that Jack Grubman has accepted our offer to join the MBTH board.