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MBTIMyers-Briggs Type Indicator
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MBTIMung Bean Trypsin Inhibitor
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Program participants are extremely satisfied with the MBTI Certification program; 9 out of 10 of them say they would recommend the program to a friend or colleague.
But despite this wealth of literature, the MBTI has been critiqued by psychologists as having little or no scientific basis.
MBTI theory classifies individual's personality into 16 different types on the basis of four dimensions of a personality that helps a person to think, feel, judge, perceive, sense and deal with the world.
The MBTI occasionally comes under fire in terms of validity and usefulness.
Young (2001) also used the MBTI when she explored the personality traits of student musicians; specifically, non-music majors who play in college marching bands.
RESULTS: MBTI questionnaire was used to identified personality type of the students, out of 150 students were 80 Extroverts (E), 70 Introverts (I), 90 Perceivers (P), 60 Judgers (J), 76 Filling, 57 sensing, 93 intuitive, 74 thinking type i.
El MBTI es utilizado profusamente por los contratistas de personal temporario, en las consultoras de recursos humanos, para todo tipo de empresas, en consultorios de psicologia y tambien en la psicopedagogia de la educacion.
The literature bears evidence to the effect that those with different MBTI scores/results had different learning styles (Myers et al, 1998); however, most of the research solely reported patterns of correlation between a single dichotomy and other variables.
After watching the assigned video, each participant group was given a questionnaire that asked basic demographic questions and also functioned as a quiz to test how many definitions of the categories of the MBTI the lecturer had given were retained by the participants.
MBTI is composed of four basic personality preferences that relate well to workplace activities.