MBTUone million British Thermal Units per hour (also seen as MMBTU)
MBTUone thousand British Thermal Units (original definition, M = thousand; less common)
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65 per MBTU (million British thermal unit), according to Aboul Enein, and it might increase to $4.
In order to reflect the loads on all of the 41 heat pumps, the heating and cooling MBTU output of each unit was multiplied by the hours each unit ran to determine their respective heating and cooling output on a month by month basis.
5 million square feet of commercial buildings; save more than 300,000 MBTUs of energy; and reduce measure-life carbon dioxide by 200,000 metric tons.
The 3 million pounds of aluminum recycled during the ACC ARD Challenge saved 196,576 MBTUs of energy, reduced the equivalent amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions generated by 2,314 cars driven in one year, saved 7,723 cubic meters of water and conserved 12,637 metric tons of GHG versus using new aluminum.
By recycling the used containers back into aluminum sheet for new cans, the company estimates it reduced its need for primary aluminum by more than 530,000 metric tons, saving approximately 73 million MBTUs of energy and avoiding the production of nearly 5 million metric tons of greenhouse gases (GHGs).
The company's recycling efforts in 2007 saved approximately 66 million MBTUs from being used in aluminum production -- the energy equivalent of saving more than 11 million barrels of oil.