MBWWAMichigan Beer & Wine Wholesalers Association
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In its petition for certiorari, MBWWA charged that the U.
MBWWA said that wholesalers act as "an extension of the state's alcohol regulatory system, guarding against product tampering and impurities, ensuring revenue collection for the state, and tracking sales to consumers.
In a statement, the MBWWA said "Michigan and other states likely to support its appeal to the Supreme Court believe the U.
In support of their position, MBWWA quoted Georgetown University Constitutional law professor Viet Dinh, who wrote, "It is indisputable that Congress has recognized that alcohol is a unique and socially sensitive product subject to regulations outside a free market system.
checks by retailers and instead replace them with an anything-goes free-for- all where untrained delivery truck drivers are the last line of defense to enforce state alcohol laws," MBWWA President Lashbrook said.