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For applications requiring less than 10 Mbytes, the M-Systems Flash Disk is lower cost and more reliable than a hard disk drive.
The Performa 200 and 400 models come equipped with 4 Mbytes of RAM and 80-Mbyte hard disk drives.
W-CDMA HSDPA and EUL Bring Advances in Throughput, Capacity and Cost Per Mbyte, but is This Enough?
Included are dual 10/100-Mbit/sec Ethernet interfaces (twisted pair), a 40-Mbyte/sec UltraWide SCSI interface, and a 64-bit AGP graphics engine with four Mbytes of video RAM optimized for 3D rendering.
Akara, the Storage over SONET market leader, is the only equipment supplier with a singular focus on extending business continuance applications between data centers with the lowest MByte per mile cost across existing MAN/WAN networks.