MC16Mobile Companion 16 (Ericsson's palm top)
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The Cisco uBR7246's MC16 modem cards are fully compliant with the International Telecommunications Union (ITU)-J.
The increased port density delivered by the MC16 modem cards allows cable operators to save equipment costs and conserve precious headend rack space while supporting more customers on a single platform.
The advanced MC16 modem cards and uBR platforms are designed for use with cable modems, Voice-over-IP (VoIP) devices, set-top boxes and interactive or enhanced television (ETV) services.
The advanced MC16 modem cards and the highly scalable Cisco uBR7246 and uBR7223 will be demonstrated at several locations at this year's Western Cable Show, including Cisco's booth (No.
The MC16 modem card for the Cisco uBR7246 and uBR7223 is priced at $30,250 and will be available in December 1998.
Users of the MC16 will be able to use bFAX Pro to send a fax directly from the palmtop PC wirelessly via the Ericsson phone.
BSQUARE's bFAX Pro is a time-tested solution that offers the industry standard faxing utility to the user of the new MC16 mobile companion," said Lars Sandberg, Global Product Manager at Ericsson Mobile Communications AB.
The MC16 is an exciting new device, and a step forward in the evolution of mobile computing.
bFAX Pro is the industry-standard fax-management solution for Handheld PCs, allowing users to send and receive faxes from the Ericsson MC16.