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MCADDMedium Chain Acyl-Coa Dehydrogenase Deficiency (an inherited error of fatty acid metabolism)
MCADDMaryland Center for Attention and Developmental Disorders (University of Maryland Medical System; Baltimore, MD)
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Our goals were to ascertain whether the concentration of C8 is affected by age at sampling, as has been suggested (2, 3), whether this change occurs in unaffected newborns as well as in those with MCADD (2), and whether thresholds need to take into account age at sampling, sex, or prematurity.
The implementation of the MCADD screening test is an important victory for the March of Dimes and the state of Georgia," said Brian Ziegler, State Director, March of Dimes Georgia Chapter.
Dr Sharon Hillier, deputy director of the screening division of Public Health Wales, said: "The introduction of MCADD screening puts Wales in line with other UK countries where this test is already available.
In its first year, as Baily and Murray reported, Mississippi's expanded screening identified three cases of MCADD "along with twelve cases of other new disorders, out of a total of 116 newborn screening diagnoses.
Our research showed that screening newborns for MCADD is cost-effective compared to not screening," said Charles P.
Children with MCADD seem healthy, but if they go without food for too long, they can suddenly become seriously ill, and they may even die.
In fact, exactly these types of samples may be referred for diagnostic purposes, as obtaining urine samples during acute MCADD presentations may not be feasible because individuals may recover quickly from their presenting symptoms.
Health Minister Edwina Hart said, in a letter to Mr Davies, that work was currently under way to introduce screening for MCADD and sickle cell disorders in 2011.