MCAPIMobile Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing
MCAPIMiddle Cerebral Artery Puslatility Index
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Poly-Templates makes MCAPI even easier to use and brings further time savings to multicore application developers," stated Ted Gribb, Vice President, Sales of PolyCore Software.
To meet this demand, SPSS MR has today become an official distributor of Techneos's Entryware(TM) software for MCAPI (Mobile Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing).
NCT-450, utilizing PSI's MCAPI tools, will showcase the potential savings in time and costs that both developers and their employers can discover in a simplified approach to multicore integration.
As one of the first organizations to support MCAPI, VirtualLogix is setting a powerful precedent for the industry-wide adoption of standards that enable applications to provide basic, simple and efficient multicore communication functionality between closely distributed processors in embedded systems," said Sven Brehmer, chairman of the Multicore Association MCAPI working group and president and CEO for PolyCore Software.
The multicore developer community stands to benefit from the additional functionality of MCAPI 2.
MCAPI has found usage in a variety of multicore embedded systems, whether built using multiple chips on a board or as systems-on-a-chip (SoCs), which are embedded systems on a single piece of silicon.
Through a joint development effort between Express Logic and PolyCore Software, Poly-Messenger/MCAPI now provides MCAPI support for applications running Express Logic's ThreadX RTOS.
The MCAPI standard established by the MCA was developed to create a standardized application program interface for communication and synchronization between closely distributed embedded systems, such as multiple cores or processors on a chip.
Poly-Platform provides an MCAPI standard based development path for developers looking to leverage power to TI's Multicore processors with quickest time to market advantage.
MTAPI is aligned with our previously released specifications, MCAPI and MRAPI.
Embedded World, Nurnberg, Germany - Enea (STO:ENEA) today announced that it is supporting the Multicore Associations emerging Multicore Communications API (MCAPI[TM]) standard by implementing MCAPI over its Enea LINX interprocess communications (IPC) solution to insure interoperability between closely coupled processing and multicore devices.
Poly-Templates is an Eclipse based, flexible GUI tool that helps developers to quickly take advantage of the industry standard MCAPI, and simplifies the development process by providing MCAPI code templates that are wizard-based, and communications topology aware.