MCBPMaryland Coastal Bays Program (Ocean City, MD)
MCBPMolecular and Cellular Biology and Pathobiology (Medical University of South Carolina; Charleston, SC)
MCBPMethyl-CpG Binding Protein
MCBPMolecular and Cellular Biology Program (college program)
MCBPMean Carotid Arterial Pressures
MCBPMethyl Cytosine-Binding Protein
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The funds, issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), will be used by MCBP to preserve the economic and ecological vitality of Marylands coastal watershed.
The incurred but not reported (IBNR) portion of MCBP increased slightly during the quarter, with an offsetting reduction in other provider capitation and risk-sharing liabilities.
Medical Claims and Benefits Payable (MCBP) Information Q2 2002 compared with Q2 2001 References/ Analysis Commercial Senior Consolidated Calculations P=line H on Days to turn MCBP claims -- information June 30, 2002 70.