MCBSMedicare Current Beneficiary Survey
MCBSMinistry of Consumer and Business Services (Ontario, Canada)
MCBSMicrosoft Computer Ballot System (lottery scam)
MCBSMiami City Ballet School (est. 1993; Miami Beach, FL)
MCBSMissionary Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament (Kerala, India)
MCBSMusic City Blues Society (Nashville, TN)
MCBSModified Centrifuged Blood Smear
MCBSMicrocomputer Business Services
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The number of Medicare Advantage enrollees in the MCBS is considerably larger than the number in other surveys.
Using the MCBS, Cubanski and colleagues (2009) found that 22% of community-dwelling beneficiaries with incomes below 150% of FPL were enrolled in some form of non-Part D private drug coverage in 2007 (Cubanski et al.
The MCBS began collecting medical diagnoses of facility beneficiaries in 1997.
5 percent of poor MCBS respondents report out-of-pocket expenses greater than their total income, and some beneficiaries report out-of-pocket expenses more that 40 times their income.
However, the MCBS remains a generally preferable data set for studying Medicare beneficiaries, as the MEPS has a smaller sample size, does not include nursing home residents, and appears to have a fair amount of underreporting of spending relative to the MCBS.
We are delighted to welcome MCBS to the Dual Education Programme, which is specifically structured to address some of today's most pressing business needs," said Marita Mitschein, managing director of SAP Training & Development Institute and Growth Plan Lead for SAP Middle East & North Africa.
Adler [29] and Eppig and Chulis [30] describe the utility of the MCBS dataset for general research purposes.
The MCBS interviewers collect extensive information on individuals' use and expenditures of health services, source of payment, type of health insurance, access to care, health and functional status, and socioeconomic and demographic characteristics.
The MCBS is sponsored by CMS and directed by the Office of Information Products and Data Analytics in partnership with the newly formed Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation.
Out of the over 55 countries and hundreds of participants online who participated last night, MCBS students had four of their questions about entrepreneurship answered live by the prominent guests.
In addition to pursuing his degree in marketing at MCBS, he is working full-time in the operations department at Bank Sohar where he has been for four years, and he presents his own weekly programme on Oman's new channel Majan TV.
Demographic characteristics of the Medicare population who use the computer and Internet will also be examined using MCBS data.