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MCCDMotor Carrier Compliance Division (Georgia Department of Public Safety)
MCCDMailman Center for Child Development (University of Miami)
MCCDMichigan Council on Crime and Delinquency (Lansing, MI)
MCCDMerced Community College District (Merced, CA)
MCCDMulti-spectral Close Combat Decoy
MCCDMission Control Console Display
MCCDMutually Coupled Coherent Devices
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All but one of the MCCD programs provided patient education to improve adherence to medication, diet, exercise, and self-care regimens.
In the City of Baltimore, ten of Allfirst's 14 branches are in LMI census tracts, and a bank branch operates within one mile of each of the LMI neighborhoods identified by MCCD in its comment.
This evaluation report was the second in a series and it covered the first 25 months of the MCCD.
MCCD is one of the first studies of chronic care coordination under fee- for-service Medicare.
For the MCCD programs to be considered successful, CMS expects them to be cost neutral while improving clinical quality of care.
The achievement is especially impressive inasmuch as most other projects within MCCD were either academic or community health institutions with physicians on staff and patients already in their systems.
Dennis Stapleton, director of MCCD, said, "We chose Intergraph because of their leading-edge technology, commitment to this industry, and overall corporate stability.
Our coronary artery disease management project, unique within MCCD, has the high profile opportunity to garner reimbursement in Medicare's vast fee for service plan, by far its largest component.
The opportunity the MCCD affords to our Company and its shareholders is vast.
ARPS interoperates with the MCCD Oversized Truck Information System (OTIS) to enable permitting professionals to check for liability and citation information, and to collect delinquent revenue at the point of permit request.
We were honored to have been the only one of our public peers selected for the MCCD and we recognize both its pivotal importance and the near-term competitive opportunity it affords to our Company and shareholders.