MCCGMutual Concept Computer Group, Inc (London, Ontario, Canada)
MCCGMalaysian Climate Change Group (Malaysia)
MCCGManagement Consulting and Controls Group Inc (New York, NY)
MCCGMassachusetts Council on Compulsive Gambling
MCCGMedical Center of Central Georgia (Macon, GA)
MCCGMerchant Category Code Group (credit cards)
MCCGMinnesota Council on Compulsive Gambling (Duluth, MN)
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Prior to federal mandates coming down (Stage 1 meaningful use requires that more than 30 percent of unique patients with at least one medication in their medication list have at least one medication order entered using CPOE; Stage 2 requires more than 60 percent of medication, 30 percent of laboratory, and 30 percent of radiology orders created during the EHH reporting period are recorded using CPOE), MCCG felt that this transition would allow for fewer medical errors, ultimately increasing patient safety, says Delanor Doyle, M.
Unfortunately, MCCG is in the minority when it comes to CPOE adoption.
The MCCG has a formally elected committee: a Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations officer and so forth, as well as 13 section leaders, each responsible for a particular length of the creek.
As the MCCG Chair explains, the group emerged from a local Council initiative in the late 1990s: 'Many of the catchment groups arose in response to the initiative from the council.
Our Hospital Operating System sets the stage for MCCG to excel by enabling it to deliver increased levels of quality health care while reducing the size of planned construction projects.
MCCG serves a primary and secondary service area of 30 counties and nearly 750,000 persons in central and south Georgia.
The ClearCube PC Blades, combined with the ClearCube management software, minimizes the possibility of any data being extracted to removable media," said Madison Mock, CIO MCCG.
Founded in 1895, MCCG is a 603-bed full-service, acute-care facility serving an estimated population of 750,000 residents from 30 counties in Central Georgia.
It is clear that our self-service approach enhances the patient experience," said Jane Gray, assistant vice president of patient business services at MCCG.
The MCCG team is very excited about the recent move by the industry to our solution" stated Dorin Mascan, President of MCCG, "The partnership with ISI will provide a rapid migration to leading edge technology that will allow our clients to increase their productivity"
Pearson detailed the results of a pilot program at MCCG that showed the nursing staff could reduce the average time from discharge to departure from up to six hours to only two hours, and shift discharge times to morning and mid-afternoon to improved room turnaround, while enabling nurses to admit patients to rooms earlier in the day and increase their focus on discharges to impact the LOS.
According to Nancy Barton, MSN, RN, and director, PCS ADM Services at MCCG, "Acuity data is critical to effective staffing management and is used at every level of our organization.