MCCLMinnesota Citizens Concerned for Life
MCCLMulti-Color-Correction Layer (photograhy technology)
MCCLMaster Computer Club Luxembourg (est. 1987)
MCCLMason City and Clear Lake (railroad)
MCCLMediastinal Clear-Cell Lymphoma (non-Hodgkin's-lymphoma)
MCCLMoravian Covenant for Christian Living (Moravian Church in America)
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MCCL GO's efforts have had a significant impact, according to local leaders.
Fischbach added he is hopeful that MCCL GO's efforts will have a ripple effect in these countries, with leaders training others who will in turn educate and equip many people to share the facts of fetal development and abortion, and save lives.
In his May 29 letter responding to Burt, MCCL Executive Director Scott Fischbach not only reaffirmed the accuracy of all MCCL's statements regarding the University of Minnesota's pursuit of human cloning and its embryo-destructive research, but also added, "The University's letter only serves to highlight its own dishonest portrayal of its efforts to clone human beings.
MCCL delivered a diverse day-long experience for young people in grades 712 in public, private, and home schools.
MCCL was instrumental not only in proposing the groundbreaking Positive Alternatives Act, but getting it passed and funded.
Andrea Rau, MCCL legislative associate, observed that leaders in both the Senate and House sought to deceive the public, claiming the deadly Kahn-Cohen Cloning Bill would "ban human cloning.
More than 100 Minnesota young people lobbied their lawmakers to ban cruel saline abortions at the 2008 MCCL Student Day at the state capitol in St.
The huge jump in minor abortions is deeply disturbing to parents, families, and teenagersbut it was a predictable result of Planned Parenthood's increased promotion of abortion," said Scott Fischbach, executive director of MCCL.
His challenger, Terry Sluss, sued MCCL after losing the election to pro-life incumbent Koering by 55% to 43%.
MCCL supports the proposed Abortion Regulation Act, which would ban nearly all public assistance for abortions.
Mission Possible's purpose was to provide seed money (in the form of matching grants generously provided by MCCL from its meager resources) and organizational expertise to pro-life groups in the southeastern states.