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MCCOYMarion County Commission on Youth (Indianapolis, IN)
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Again McCoy clambered up the side and dropped over the rail to the hot deck.
It almost seemed to the captain that the blissful moment had already arrived, such was the persuasive convincingness of McCoy.
I've forgotten what sleep is," he explained to McCoy.
It is most unusual, this gale," McCoy told the captain, in the lee of the cabin.
he asked, pausing by the side of McCoy, who was making a breakfast off fried bananas and a mug of water.
Captain Davenport compromised on a point and a half, and then went aloft, accompanied by McCoy and the first mate, to keep a lookout for land.
The old navigators called the Paumotus the Dangerous Archipelago," McCoy said, when they had regained the poop.
An easterly current instead of a westerly," said Captain "Davenport, glaring accusingly at McCoy, as if to cast the blame for it upon him.
That is one of the reasons, Captain, for insurance being eighteen per cent in these waters," McCoy answered cheerfully.
I don't know, Captain," McCoy said with great gentleness.
At nightfall, without even consulting McCoy, he squared away and headed into the northwest.
I'll get an observation in the morning," he told McCoy, "though what my latitude is, is a puzzler.