MCCRMedical Care Cost Recovery
MCCRMiner County Community Revitalization (Miner County, South Dakota)
MCCRManchester Council for Community Relations (England)
MCCRMission-Critical Computer Resource(s)
MCCRMinistry of Consumer & Commercial Relations (Ontario)
MCCRmanual closed circuit rebreather (diving technology)
MCCRMen's Calculated Course Rating (golf)
MCCRMulti Currency Conversion Rate
MCCRMemorial Care Centre of Rye (UK)
MCCRMechanical Completion Check Record
MCCRMechanical Closed Circuit Rebreather
MCCRMaryland Commission on Civil Rights (Baltimore, MD)
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This followed a complex series of administrative and ministerial shifts following amalgamation of MCCR with the Management Board Secretariat to create a Ministry of Government Services in 2005.
In the case of the TSSA, the transfer of public safety regulatory functions to the authority required significant increases in managerial and professional staff on the part of the authority relative to the MCCR division in replaced to provide administrative and legal services previously supplied through the ministry (Winfield, Whorley, and Kaufman 2002).
Indeed, in the case of the TSSA, it was several years before the authority and the relevant statutes that it administered were designated under Ontario's Environmental Bill of Rights, re-establishing public rights of notice, comment, and appeal that existed when the statutes were administered by MCCR.
In this section, we refer to cost analyses as well as NNT derived from clinical trial data to demonstrate the MCCR.
However, in another large subgroup of patients with chronic blockages, coronary stenting has little effect if any on improving cardiovascular outcomes, consistent with our argument for the MCCR.
Therefore, the fact that countries with more socialized health care systems continue to experience cost growth similar to the United States does not invalidate the MCCR concept but rather, affirms it.
Announcement of the contract was jointly made by Gary Kanaby, Division Manager of Knight & Carver Wind Blade Division; MCCR Executive Director Randy Parry; MCCR Economic/Housing Director Mike Knutson; and the South Dakota Governor's Office of Economic Development.
We are indebted to MCCR and truly appreciate all of its hard work and dedication toward getting this project off the ground.
The donation was simply a small way of giving back something to the community and saying thank you to MCCR for all of its hard work.