MCDAMultiple Criteria Decision Analysis
MCDAMultiple Criteria Decision Aid
MCDAMilitary and Civil Defence Assets
MCDAMicrosoft Certified Database Administrator
MCDAmilitary and civil defense assets (UN)
MCDAMultnomah County District Attorney (Portland, OR)
MCDAMinnesota Career Development Association
MCDAMilwaukee County Department on Aging
MCDAManitoba Conservation Districts Association (Canada)
MCDAMissouri Choral Directors Association
MCDAMinneapolis Community Development Association
MCDAMineral County Development Authority
MCDAMarin County Dart Association (California)
MCDAMercer County Deer Alliance (New Jersey)
MCDAManaged Care Decomposition Analysis
MCDAMarion County Dental Association (Ocala, Florida)
MCDAMorris County Dart Association (New Jersey)
MCDAMission Critical Domain Administrator (Microsoft Windows 2000)
MCDAMorris County Dance Academy (Oak Ridge, New Jersey)
MCDAMinnesota Choral Directors Association
MCDAMedina Centre for Dance Art (Medina, OH)
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About the applicability of MCDA to some robustness problems, European Journal of Operational Research 174(1): 322-332.
There are unresolved issues in the application of MCDA methods to valuation of mitigation strategies.
Jon Sussex, Deputy Director of OHE and lead researcher on the project, emphasised: "This innovative MCDA approach proved very much 'fit for purpose'.
Most of practitioners of MCDA consider that their field stems largely from the early work on goal programming and research of Simon [35].
The resolution states that loans do not require a mortgage and that the mortgage does not have to be a first lien; however, MCDA has never added any loans other than first-lien mortgages to the portfolio.
A role for sensitivity analysis in presenting the results from MCDA studies to decision makers.
STRONG MANAGEMENT OVERSIGHT: MCDA has a well-tenured, strong management team which has a long and successful history of administering single family programs.
As GHG emissions from road transport are usually provided as the range of values comparative assessment of road transport technologies needs some sophisticated MCDA tools (Hwang, Yoon 1981; Loken 2007; Zavadskas, Turskis 2011; Bauers, Zavadskas 2010; Balezentis et al.
Furthermore, by exploring the integrated use of cognitive mapping and MCDA in this particular context, we also aim to add to the operational research (OR) literature in banking, financial services and/or facilities management (Zopounidis, 1999; Zopounidis and Doumpos, 2003; Ferreira et al.
The comparative analysis of MCDA methods SAW and COMPRAS, Inzinerine Ekonomika--Engineering Economics 22(2): 134-146.
Research interests include: construction technology and management, decision-making theory, MCDA and decision-support systems.