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MCDCMunicipalities Continuing Disclosure Cooperation (US Securities and Exchange Commission)
MCDCMinuteman Civil Defense Corps (US civilian border patrol)
MCDCMerce Cunningham Dance Company (New York, NY)
MCDCMultinational Capability Development Campaign
MCDCModified Condition Decision Coverage
MCDCMusic City Drum Corps (Tennessee)
MCDCMultiCultural Development Center
MCDCMaine Center for Disease Control
MCDCMultnomah County Detention Center (Oregon)
MCDCMonroe County Democratic Committee (Rochester, NY)
MCDCMultiple Condition Decision Coverage
MCDCMuhlenberg Career Development Center (Greenville, KY)
MCDCMarine Corps Combat Development Command
MCDCMcLean County Disaster Council
MCDCMisthy Cee Development Centre (UK)
MCDCMicrosoft Canada Development Center
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MCDC, owner of Omans largest operating desalination plant located in Muscat, is offering 54.
The MCDC initiative doesn't end with the financial penalties, which have totaled more than $13 million with more to come.
I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the Capital Markets Authority, MSM and MCDC for their support and encouragement throughout the listing process, to HSBC Bank Oman for guiding us through this complex process with such professionalism and to the collecting banks for their effective management in the face of such strong investor demand.
With Cunningham's passing, the MCDC officially closed in 2011.
MCDC director, Dave Glaser, said, 'What it means is a very large amount of capital for small businesses in the state.
The FAULHABER Speed Controller SC5008 and the Motion Controller MCDC 3006 can be used to control the micro motor's speed or to manage it when deployed as a positioning drive.
A range of accessories is available, including the Speed Controller SC 2804, which provides speed control and positioning, and the Motion Controller MCDC 3006.
And on the last Saturday in July, I attended a performance of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company and the ensuing cast party, where I discussed the possibility of doing an article on the MCDC and, who knows, perhaps an interview with Merce.
After a flurry of negotiations with the MCDC's president, Chris Simcox, Campbell agreed to spend another $63,000 of his own money on steel posts for a "serious" fence at another site--believing the MCDC would later repay him.
One Web site run by the national version of the San Diego chapter's MCDC, as the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps is called, links to another that sells caps and mugs in green, white and red -- the colors of the Mexican flag -- with a silhouette of a falling man in a sombrero that reads ``No Mas Illegals.
AdaMULTI also features an advanced code coverage tool (G-Cover) that automates structural coverage analysis for application software, including the analysis of DO-178B Table A-7, Objectives 5, 6 and 7 (statement, decision, and MCDC coverage achievement).
She wishes to thank Greg Green of MCDC for the development of the class materials mentioned in the article.