MCDFMarxist Communist Discussion Forum (online forum)
MCDFMehari Club de France (French: Mehari Club of France; car club)
MCDFMilitary Combat Defense Fund
MCDFMultiple Cause of Death Files
MCDFMicroelectronic and Computer Development Fellowship
MCDFMulti-Unit Chemoreceptor Discharge Frequency (biophysics)
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The full relativistic generalization of the MCHF approximation is the MCDF method.
2] transitions according to MCHF+Bp, HFR and MCDF methods.
In MCDF this ratio is poor for A calculation, but somewhat good for B calculation (0.
The reason of some differences between the results obtained according to MCHF+Bp, HFR, and MCDF methods is the relativistic contributions of different rank and different valence correlation effects.