MCDMMultiple Criteria Decision Making
MCDMMedical Chemical Defense Materiel
MCDMMaster of Communication in Digital Media (University of Washington)
MCDMMaster of Crisis and Disaster Management (Netherlands)
MCDMMinnesota Citizens in Defense of Marriage
MCDMMarina Cala dei Medici (Italian port)
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Compared with other MCDM methods, the PROMETHEE method has remarkable advantages in conceptualization simplicity (Brans, Vincke, and Mareschal 1986) and transparent computational procedure (Behzadian et al.
Compromise solution by MCDM methods: A comparative analysis of VIKOR and TOPSIS, European Journal of Operational Research, Vol.
Chakraborty and Zavadskas (2014) explored WASPAS method as an effective MCDM tool while solving eight manufacturing decision making problems.
ARAS, first introduced by Zavadskas and Turskis (2010), is a branch of the MCDM techniques that solve a complex problem by using simple relative comparisons.
Using an integrated MCDM model for mining method selection in presence of uncertainty, Ekonomska istrazivanja--Economic Research 25(4): 869-904.
MCDM has been one of the fastest growing problem areas in many disciplines.
In this paper, we propose an integrated approach based on fuzzy AHP and COPRAS to solve MCDM problems in which the weights of criteria and the performance ratings of alternatives are calculated based on linguistics terms.
Uses of this method in different sciences have made AHP as one of the most common MCDM applicable methods (Vaidya and Kumar, 2006).
Nevertheless, similar data can also be analyzed using other MCDM method as listed previously in order to determine the consistency of the decision obtained using the TOPSIS method, thus may further increase the level of confidence gained from the exercise.
A hybrid MCDM model encompassing AHP and COPRAS-G methods for selecting company supplier in Iran, Technological and Economic Development of Economy 18(3): 529-543.
In this paper, we try to tackle the fund allocation problem by a MCDM technique called COPRAS.
MCDM for heritage assessment presents the area of active research, which receives an increasing attention; however, so far there has been no single generally accepted system for multi-criteria heritage assessment (Fairclough et al.