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MCDOMother and Child Development Organization (Jijiga, Ethiopia)
MCDOMgahinga Community Development Organisation (Uganda)
MCDOMine Clearance Diving Officer (various armed forces)
MCDOMarion Community Development Organization (Ohio)
MCDOManagement and Career Development Offering (Widner Unversity; Pennsylvania)
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But one cannot leave France without reference to McDonalds, or McDo, as is its household term everywhere in French.
Gutsiest Political Doc: Maxime, McDuff et McDo, in which the inimita ble Magnus Isacsson tackles the Golden Arches, the youth who work beneath them and their struggle to unionize.
For us, McDo is a symbol of industrial nutrition and a multinational corporation that is trying to put down roots everywhere," Bove said in a newspaper interview.
A paper serviette turns bright with tubercular blood, and the narrator's sense of having to tiptoe through economic differences now seems only a small part of her guilt: any projection of future trips to McDo, of careers, of survival itself, will take place in clear contrast to the sister's determined fate.
Man of the match GARY McDO GARY McDONALD ALD Was Was on it all day - set up winner.
ou McDo wh " Aileen McDonald, 40, helped out from Spain, where she works for a firm called Ounbafruit.