MCDUMultipurpose Control Display Unit (aviation)
MCDUMilitary and Civil Defence Unit (OCHA)
MCDUMulti-Function Control Display Unit
MCDUMercaptolactate-Cysteine Disulfiduria
MCDUMaster Control Display Unit (Airbus and newer generation Boeing products)
MCDUMultibay Compact Disk Unit (Compaq)
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The Wicat Boeing 767 and 737-500 FMS desktop trainers comprise a high resolution 66Mhz workstation, FMS MCDU and auto flight panel.
The high-fidelity software simulation, developed by Faros of Lannion, France, interacts with the 3-D MCDU, FCU, throttle and flaps to provide a cost-effective environment for practicing pre-flight steps, any autoflight conditions, all routes and any flight parameters.
Pricing for one trainer, including simulation software, 3-D simulated cockpit with MCDU, FCU, flaps/slats and throttle controls, and a completely configured AICC-compatible PC workstation has been set at $150,000 (U.
A feature of the A-320 courseware is the effective "hands on" training sessions with the FMS MCDU part task trainer integrated into the avionics section of the courseware.