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MCEETYAMinisterial Council on Education, Employment, Training and Youth Affairs (now Ministerial Council for Education, Early Childhood Development and Youth Affairs; Australia)
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Federal/state mediations in the Australian national education agenda: From the AEC to MCEETYA 1987-1993.
Language convention skills varied between year levels (for in-depth sample questions and reporting for all year levels, see MCEETYA, 2008e).
It was this realisation that led to the development of the National Framework for Rural and Remote Education by MCEETYA in 2001 (MCEETYATask Force, 2001).
2 billion: MCEETYA, 2005, Statistical Appendix, Table 19).
Ministerial Council on Education Employment, Training and Youth Affairs 2000, Achieving Educational Equality for Australia's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples--Discussion Paper, MCEETYA Secretariat, Melbourne.
MCEETYA (Ministerial Council of Education, Employment, Training, and Youth Affairs).
MCEETYA meetings are notoriously fractious, and no less fractious in election years, although ministers come out of them appearing to say they won the day.
More specifically, the official discourse on Aboriginal education contains no reference to the work undertaken by MCEETYA and especially the extent to which the partnership framework is being applied, the achievements it may be producing and problems being encountered has not been the focus of investigation.
provide time and opportunities for State/Territory teams to consider what the MCEETYA National Statement and Plan for Languages Education 2005-08 means for their local contexts and priorities and to plan strategies that can be taken forward after the Seminar
Of the factors that would assist retention, MCEETYA (CRTTE, 2003:92), for example, listed remuneration above reduced workloads and improved employment conditions.
This clause in the MCEETYA declaration rests on substantial local and international research that consistently emphasises the need to achieve high standards of education while at the same time delivering quality education to all.