MCFDMalta College of Family Doctors
MCFDMultiple Coagulation Factor Deficiency
MCFDMount Carmel Fire Department (Mount Carmel, PA)
MCFDMarin County Fire Department (California)
MCFDThousand Cubic Feet per Day (measurement; also seen as MCFPD and MCF/D)
MCFDMoyer's Corners Fire Department (New York)
MCFDMinistry of Children and Family Development (British Columbia, Canada)
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Peak stabilized initial production was 1,785 MCFD on February 20, 2008 and as of March 3, 2008 the well is producing at approximately 1,750 MCFD.
The 17-42 well was tied in to sales on December 30, 2007 and produced at a peak daily rate of 1772 MCFD on January 1, 2008 As of March 3, 2008 the well is producing at approximately 496 MCFD.
In Colorado, the Julie Campbell well is currently producing 200 MCFD, the Doud 43-5, 40 BOPD and 50 MCFD and the Doud 11-4 recently started producing 10 BOPD and 80 MCFD.
Production from existing leases operated under varying working interests, average approximately 350 BOPD and 1,000 MCFD.
The acquisition of Falcon Creek increases Sapient Energy's net production to approximately 20,000 MCFD and 1,500 BOPD.
1, Mingo County, West Virginia, which went on line in late February, continues to produce at a rate of 150 MCFD a day.
Initial test production rate for Beaver Hill #5 well exceeds 500 MCFD (thousand cubic feet per day)
Initial test production rates for Beaver Hill #2, #3 and #4 wells exceed 200 MCFD
Test production rate for Radio Hill #1 well averaged 30 MCFD
Initial test production rates have exceeded 500 MCFD at a flowing pressure of 600 PSIG (pounds per square inch gauge) in Beaver Hill #5 and 200 MCFD at a flowing pressure of 250 PSIG in Beaver Hill #2, #3 and #4.