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MCHBMaternal and Child Health Bureau
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MCHB members recruited 23 participants from the South Asian (8) and Chinese (10) communities (the two largest immigrant communities in Edmonton (17)) and from the smaller Bhutanese refugee community (5).
MCHB members or translators hired through the School of Public Health, University of Alberta conducted foreign-language interviews.
The NS-CSHCN used the definition developed and refined by the MCHB in collaboration with national groups coordinated by CAHMI, and asked about a usual source of care, personal doctor or nurse, family-centered care, coordinated care, and obtaining needed referrals (NCHS 2007; CAHMI 2009b).
The survey contains a thoroughly tested measure of medical home, created and refined by a group of professional organizations including the MCHB and led by CAHMI (NCHS 2007; CAHMI 2009b).
This study's definition of CSHCN was developed by the MCHB and has had use in multiple research studies.
In an effort to describe and quantify the number of children who met the MCHB criteria for having special health needs, two research teams analyzed data from the 1994 and 1995 NHIS.
To maximize coordination efforts, an interagency coordination committee should be set up with AHCPR and MCHB playing the lead roles.
Peter van Dyck, Associate Administrator of MCHB at HRSA.
In addition, SAIC will provide subject-matter expertise to MCHB, assist with developing grant guidelines and performance measures, and provide direct help in the grant application processes.
2) In 2000, MCHB and key stakeholders, including families, state Title V programs, and other national partners, identified the following essential elements needed for high-quality systems of care for CYSHCN:
Peter van Dyck, HRSA associate administrator for Maternal and Child Health, presented the award to Dykton in honor of his outstanding service to maternal and child health at the annual MCHB Federal/State Partnership Meeting on October 21st, 2003.