MCHMManchester Centre for Healthcare Management (UK)
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Lack of information on potential health effects of human exposure to MCHM led to conflicting advice about the extent of risk and methods to decontaminate home water systems.
The Crude MCHM Chemical Spill 10-Home Study: Tap Water Chemical Analysis.
The lack of scientific knowledge about MCHM might sound like a breach of chemical safety laws, but it was perfectly legal.
Amid this increasing awareness, spills like that of MCHM in West Virginia stoke larger mistrust of the chemical industry and the government's ability to protect the public.
Both state and federal agencies chose not to regulate Crude MCHM as a hazardous substance and note that it doesn't appear on federal lists of such chemicals, lawyers for the two Waste Management subsidiaries said in a filing.
the manufacturer of Crude MCHM, lists on a safety datasheet that incineration is the preferred method of disposing the chemical.
Our objective with MCHM is to help people stay healthy by providing personalized guidance for things like immunizations, pregnancy and chronic conditions," she says.
contact with crude MCHM can cause skin, eye and respiratory tract irritation.
Although Huffman said the crude MCHM doesn't meet the criteria for "hazardous waste" outlined in state law, "hazardous substance" is not specifically defined in the code.
Eastman Chemical sold Freedom Industries this particular batch of chemical, called 4methylcyclohexane methanol, or, more simply, crude MCHM.