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MCIFMeasured Capability Improvement Framework (IBM)
MCIFMontana Cancer Institute Foundation (Missoula, MT)
MCIFMaster Customer Information File (knowledge management)
MCIFMelanocyte Contact Inhibitory Factor
MCIFMarketing Central Information File
MCIFMarketing Customer Information File
MCIFMiniature Card Implementers Forum (Folsom, CA)
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There is also a natural synergy between our companies and technologies - the rich marketing data found in our MCIF delivered in the online banking environment through DeepTarget banner ads," said John Kassing, President of Marquis.
The survey results showed that 98 percent of RFG's MCIF client base would recommend RFG to other financial institutions.
Brent Sheffield, Chief Operations Officer, cited, "During our extensive search, we evaluated a large number of the CRM/MRM and MCIF solutions on the market.
The results of the data analysis made by the MCIF system are used across a variety of marketing channels such as branches, terminal networks, the internet and by the front-line sales force to identify prospects.
The ability for Touche to integrate seamlessly with that system means the credit union can have access to all member and transactional information from the ULTRADATA System, along with profiles of each member's behavior, profitability, product usage and purchase propensity from their MCIF, in one user-friendly application.
Since the bank does not have an MCIF, it has to identify which customers have not been using their instant cash and check (debit) cards through data provided by the bank's debit-card partner, First Data.
This is a significant installation for us as it validates our strategy of bringing our integrated solution to banks wanting to install a unique MCIF system" said Mike Berry, SVP Financial Services, Synapse Technology.
In addition, integrating MCIF data, when available, can bring sophisticated statistical profiles of each member's behavior, profitability, product usage, and purchase propensity, into one user-friendly application.
Previously he was responsible for East Coast sales of marketing technologies and services, including MCIF and CRM solutions, to the financial services industry for the former Medici Technology, Inc.
The credit union currently uses Harland Financial Solutions' ULTRADATA(TM) host processing system and also recently licensed its Max$ell MCIF system.