MCIIMidnight Club 2 (game)
MCIIMotor Coach Industries International, Inc. (Canada)
MCIIMCI International
MCIIMission Churches International Incorporated (Ellsworth, KS)
MCIIMedium Current Ion Implant
MCIIMultiple Conventional Insulin Injections
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technologies consistent with their existing work for MCII and Tarsus.
MCII was initiated by Munich Re, a reinsurance company, which offers reinsurance for the CCRIF.
To inform the policy discussion on comprehensive risk management approaches and to support climate negotiators in their short and long-term strategies to address loss and damage and link practical expertise more efficiently to the needs of policy makers, MCII is cooperating with GIZ on developing a strategic framework for low income countries and emerging economies to better assist climate negotiators in finding ways to implement climate risk insurance solutions in an integrated climate risk management approach.
Insurance solutions, as proposed by MCII, should serve the interests of the most vulnerable people, communities and countries and be therefore guided by the following principles:
53) On 30 January 2001, MCII sued in the COFC, asking the court to enjoin the Army's proposed corrective action and to confirm its suspended award.
The deal saw Tarsus take an 80% stake in MCII, which was founded by Dr.
Thus, use of MCII is necessary to interpret clinical study results.
At MCII, Hill served in a number of senior financial management positions, including divisional vice president and controller, where he was responsible for strategic planning, financial budgeting and forecasting activities for the intercity and pre-owned coach operations.
is a public company trading under the stock symbol MCII on the NASDAQ/BB.
Other principal members of the China-US cable consortium include AT& (USA), China Telecom, HKTI (Hong Kong), ITDC (Taiwan), Japan Telecom, KDD (Japan), Korea Telecom, MCII (USA), NTT Japan, SBCI (USA), Singapore Telecom, Sprint (USA), Star (USA), Teleglobe (Canada) and Telekom Malaysia.