MCIRMichigan Care Improvement Registry (immunization information; est. 1998)
MCIRMichigan Childhood Immunization Registry
MCIRMaine Center for Integrated Rehabilitation (brain injury facility)
MCIRMateriel Change Information Report
MCIRMcHenry County Independent Riders (Illinois motorcycle club)
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Concurrently, the agencies issued memoranda clarifying that the EC Process would be a two-step process beginning with EPA's MCIR Assessment, followed by separate coordination between the Corps and EPA.
With the adoption of the MCIR Assessment and the EC Process, the EPA has expanded its role in the issuance of Section 404 permits and has thus exceeded the statutory authority afforded to it by the Clean Water Act.
My staff previously made dual entry into both our chart and the MCIR Portal.
By documenting immunizations in real-time, GLHIE is supporting the vision of MCIR, as outlined in Public Act 91 of 2006, to reduce vaccine preventable disease and over-vaccination.
MCIR continues to improve the process for collecting accurate and timely immunization data electronically from medical providers.
JCMR Director Aaron Wooten added, "Our team has enjoyed working with the MiHIN and MCIR teams to activate our highly secure MiHIN connection to the State of Michigan for Public Health Reporting.