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MCISMicrosoft Commercial Internet System
MCISMellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (Smashing Pumpkins album)
MCISManagement Consultancy Information Service
MCISMalaysian Cooperative Insurance Society (currently MCIS Insurance Berhad)
MCISMaintenance Control Information System
MCISMSRT Cosite Interference Suppressor
MCISMap and Chart Information System
MCISMateriel Change Information System
MCISMotion Control Information System
MCiSMHS (Military Health System) Cyberinfrastructure Services (US DoD)
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The business transfer augured well for MCIS as it would pave the way for the life insurance business to establish itself on a stronger footing to compete with market players, said MCIS chief executive officer Kevin Jones.
With a personal approach to helping clients get the radios that best serve their purposes, MCIS makes renting ideal for boosting business efficiency in industrial, commercial and service environments.
More information about Delta MCIS products can be found at www.
When clients choose to have their two-way radios repaired through the mail, MCIS Motorola Radio Repair Los Angeles offers free return shipping so clients can concentrate on other aspects of their budgets.
Motorola two-way radios are among the most popular at MCIS, Los Angeles Motorola 2 way radio dealer.
As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Marshfield Clinic, MCIS will be well-positioned to increase the value of information technology for its customers in an ever-changing and complex health care industry.
Francis Physician Health Organization; Paul O'Sullivan, Director of Grants, Office of Congresswoman Nancy Johnson (ex-officio); Marcia Petrillo, CEO, Qualidigm; Eleanor Seiler, MD, Senior Medical Director, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield; Paul Sheils, CEO, Aetna Health Information Solutions; Richard Shiffman, MD, MCIS, Associate Director of Medical Informatics, Yale University of Medicine; Arthur Shreier, Director of IT, Quest Diagnostics; and Laurence Tanner, President and CEO, New Britain General Hospital.
Additionally, ACS has established an administrative claims-processing organization to support Magellan and operate the MCIS and implemented a multi-payor system that supports over 35,000 benefit plans for commercial and Medicaid accounts.
The fifteen MCIS vendors were asked to respond to 542 questions covering 30 different areas of functionality.
Apptix's HVM solution is also designed to assist service providers migrating customers from MCIS (Microsoft Commercial Internet System) to Microsoft Exchange 2000.