MCKASMulticultural Counseling Knowledge and Awareness Scale
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Results of these analyses revealed that previous multicultural education, the EIS scores, and the four IRI subscales accounted for significant variance in the MCKAS Knowledge subscale, F(6, 99) = 8.
Additional follow-up analyses were conducted to examine the unique contribution of each of the predictor variables on the MCKAS Knowledge subscale.
For example, the MCKAS Awareness subscale measures subtle Eurocentric worldview bias in counseling, whereas academic multicultural counseling courses tend to focus primarily on augmenting students' didactic knowledge about cultural issues as opposed to emphasizing their own cultural self-awareness (Constantine, Juby, & Liang, 2001; Goodwin, 1997).
Table 2 provides a summary of the hierarchical regression analyses for variables predicting the MCKAS Knowledge and Awareness subscales.
The MCKAS Awareness subscale served as the criterion variable in the second hierarchical regression equation.