MCLEAMontgomery County Law Enforcement Association (Texas)
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According to the final version of the MCLEA passed by Congress, the Department of Defense (DOD) is permitted to share with state and local police any information collected in the course of "normal operations.
From the street, you can't see the facility on McLea Court in the city.
McLea said: "I had reached a stage in my career when I had to make a major breakthrough and Birtley provided me with that opportunity.
Niall Livingston, of the clan McLea, a direct relation to clansmen who fought at Culloden, said: "The trust is being incredibly arrogant and insensitive.
com Sparkpr Telephone: +1 (415) 962-8200 x241 87 McLea Court Telefax: +1 (415) 522-0330 San Francisco http://www.
The programme's experts think the real star of the show could be an oil painting produced by South Shields artist Duncan Fraser McLea in the 1890s.