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Howlett added, "We are delighted that the Court agreed that the science supports something other than a zero MCLG for chloroform.
Table 1 Contaminant MCLG MCL or TT Potential Health Sources of (mg/L) (mg/L) Effects from Contaminant in Ingestion of Drinking Water Water Antimony 0.
An MCLG is the concentration at which a chemical is believed to pose no adverse health risks.
The Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance defines MCLG as "[t]he maximum level of a contaminant that is associated with no adverse health effects from drinking water containing that contaminant over a lifetime.
An MCLG, a non-enforceable health goal, is defined as the maximum level of a contaminant in drinking water at which no known or anticipated adverse effects on human health would occur, allowing for an adequate margin of safety An MCL is a legally enforceable standard that regulates levels of a chemical contaminant in public water supplies.