MCLRMaster Clear (circuitry)
MCLRMicrocystin-LR (molecular biology)
MCLRMidwest Consortium for Latino Research
MCLRMidwest Center for Labor Research
MCLRMaximum Cell Loss Ratio (Sprint-ATM)
MCLRMedium Capacity Long Range
MCLRMannose C-Type Lectin Receptor (biology)
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The Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology Institute, ARTI MCLR Project No.
1) These were the cases of Colonial Mutual Life Assurance Society Ltd v Wilson Neill Ltd [1994] MCLR 134 and Kincaid v Capital Markets Equities Ltd (1995) 1 ACSR 53.
The MCLR study is cited in and included as an appendix to a report by Gordon McClelland of Cornell University, "Royal Ahold & Cross-Docking: A Study on the True Cost of Supermarket Industry Restructuring.