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MCMIMillon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory
MCMIMember of the Chartered Management Institute (UK)
MCMIMultifamily Condo Market Index (real estate)
MCMIMontgomery County Medical Imaging
MCMIMulti Channel Media International
MCMIMoravian College Music Institute (Bethlehem, PA)
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Therefore, these questionnaires should only be used as initial screening devices followed up by interviews and standardized questionnaires such as the MCMI.
Model 1 contains the aforementioned input price, output, and product descriptor variables, as well as the MCMI to control for variations in case-mix complexity.
Constant Turmoil Workers can be identified quite easily by psychological testing with the MMPI and MCMI, and through a thorough personal history.
High base rates were present for scales of anxiety, paranoia, major depression, delusional disorder and thought disorder on the MCMI III.
The MCMI ended 2007 on a low note, with the component of the index tracking builder confidence in current conditions standing at 18.
The component of the MCMI that tracks current condo supply conditions fell to an index value of 32.
He begins with the epidemiology of substance abuse and an overview of the Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory (MCMI), then describes assessing drug abusers and alcoholics with the MCMI, noting the complexities and biases present in each methods and recommending further research.
COLORADO LSI, MCMI, but no test specific for violence
Recent survey data suggest that the MCMI ranks among the most popular tests in use by mental health professionals (Pitrowski, 1997).
Reviewer EurIng Colin Ledsome BEng MEng CEng FIMechE FIED MCMI FBIS MDS
The MCMI lost 14 points in the second quarter of 2007 to stand at 18, which is 14 points lower than it was a year ago--and its lowest level since NAHB created the index five years ago.
EurIng C Ledsome BEng MEng CEng FIMechE FIED MCMI FBIS MDS