MCMMMulti-Corner Multi-Mode (static timing analysis used in the design of digital ICs)
MCMMMcLaughlin Centre for Molecular Medicine (Ontario, Canada)
MCMMMulti Capteurs Multi Missions (French military equipment)
MCMMMulti-Configuration Molecular Mechanics (algorithm)
MCMMMemory Controller Module with Memory
MCMMMajor Crime Management Model (Australia)
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For reasons laid out in the next Part, addressing this question requires us to probe deeper than the received views of economists and legal authorities by adopting the MCMM.
To achieve these goals, Oticon has widely deployed Design Compiler Graphical's congestion optimizations and MCMM synthesis technologies and is realizing lower leakage, faster design performance and a highly convergent design flow, shortening schedules by weeks.
iHO has been enhanced to support all stages of MCMM optimizations throughout the hierarchical flow to provide improved QoR and dramatically reduce the TAT of the designs.
Built upon its hierarchical database are common "analysis engines", such as RC extraction, DRC engine, and an advanced, extremely fast timing engine to solve the complex timing issues associated with OCV, SI and MCMM analysis.
This capability, combined with advances in post-route leakage optimization and MCMM leakage scenario optimization, enables IC Compiler 2010.
5x faster runtime with MCMM using four cores -- Star-RCXT: 3x faster performance using four cores and 8x faster using 16 cores -- PrimeTime: 50 percent faster, on average, for typical production flows compared with the previous release.
The company's first product family, Aprisa, has extremely close correlation to golden sign-off tools, produces design rule check (DRC)-clean designs, features MCMM optimization at all phases, and offers 10-15 percent better timing and up to 10 percent less standard cell area than existing tools.
The Olympus-SoC implementation system provides true multi-corner multi-mode (MCMM) optimization of timing, power, signal integrity and die size, and MCMM clock tree synthesis and optimization.
This is because many blocks operating at different voltages, or intermittently shut off, increases the number of power states, which compounds the already complex MCMM problem.
IC Compiler's concurrent MCMM optimization is designed to simultaneously optimize across all modes and corners to eliminate multiple iterations and deliver faster time to results.
A compact data structure with an unlimited number of virtual timing graphs makes the Olympus-SoC system inherently efficient for complex MCMM analysis.
In addition, Aprisa offers sophisticated parallel computing with features such as concurrent MCMM, multithreading and multiprocessing, with results up to five times faster than existing tools.