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MCMPMedicare Care Management Performance (US DHHS)
MCMPMonte-Carlo Mapped Power (method)
MCMPMusson Cattell Mackey Partnership
MCMPMaster of City and Metropolitan Planning (University of Utah)
MCMPMarine Corps Master Plan
MCMPMedicinal Chemistry Molecular Pharmacology (course/department)
MCMPMalone College Management Program
MCMPMunich Center for Mathematical Philosophy (Germany)
MCMPModified Corrugated Morse Potential
MCMPMateriel Change Management Program
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Francozo MFCF, Lima MCMP, Rossi TRF, Fernandes JC, Quinzan ER.
As shown in Table 1, despite the wide variation within the visited practices, on average the study practices were similar to the full set of practices participating in the MCMP demonstration, except that the study practices were somewhat larger on average (although still small, with an average of fewer than six physicians) and served more Medicare beneficiaries.
In the present work we propose different versions of the MCMP family:
Attempting to build a better Pareto front in MOO, MCMP was born by combining our previous ideas on multiple crossovers and those from J.
The MCMP integrates severity-adjusted outcomes, guidelines, individual patient management, automated data collection, disease management, and a full range of applications consulting.
The centerpiece of APACHE's product line is the MCMP (Medical Cost Management Program), an integrated decision-support system comprised of software, hardware, and related consulting services, that assists a doctor in determining the treatment for a high-risk, high-cost patient.