MCNCMicroelectronics Center of North Carolina
MCNCMiddle College National Consortium (Long Island City, NY)
MCNCMississippi Corridor Neighborhood Coalition (est. 1993)
MCNCMerkel Cell-Neurite Complex
MCNCMound City National Cemetery (Illinois)
MCNCMiller City-New Cleveland School District (Miller City, OH)
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To compare the results of CMCT and MCNC algorithms, a multiple scenario was generated in which source s, which transmits in multicast mode, has three terminals [t.
MCNC, the non-profit operator of the North Carolina Research and Education Network (NCREN), has prioritized the impact and value of broadband access on North Carolina communities, businesses and citizens, the company said.
Como se puede observar en la tabla 3, la utilizacion del modelo mejoro los resultados de la metaheuristicas PSO y SA para cuatro de las 5 instancias utilizadas de MCNC Benchmark Problems en un tiempo de computo de 10,000 segundos.
Internet outages, numerous conversations took place between the MCNC staff and the district's technology department.
These highly efficient tools will enable MCNC to address their existing fiber network while adding thousands of miles of new fiber assets to the database.
Last March, the approximately 60 scientists from the research divisions at MCNC Research & Development Institute were acquired by RTI Microelectronic.
While the MCNC has not led to an influx of microelectronics companies to the region, the Biotechnology Center, on the other hand, has helped to create a milieu conducive to the location of established pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the region, but also conducive to start-up and spin-off activity in the biotech area.
America Connect and BellSouth are performing this trial with the help of funding from the Rural Internet Access Authority, a state-created authority that is predominantly funded through a private grant from MCNC, a technology nonprofit located in the Research Triangle Park, N.
The MEMS for use in this paper were made at MCNC by the MUMPS system.
Researchers at the University of Florida (Gainesville, FL) and MCNC, a North Carolina technology institute, have invented a microchip device with a surface that can shield the eye or electronic sensors from potentially blinding lasers.
7) As much as possible; MCNC required the use of routers running FreeBSD so all of the Linux routers were converted to accommodate them.