MCNPMammoth Cave National Park (Kentucky)
MCNPMonte Carlo N-Particle
MCNPMonte Carlo Neutron and Photon (transport code)
MCNPMassachusetts Coalition of Nurse Practitioners
MCNPMonitoring Completed Navigation Projects
MCNPMt. Cook National Park (New Zealand)
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MCNP receives about 500,000 annual visitors (the counting procedure was changed in 2006).
The visitor study at MCNP (Swayne, Littlejohn, Morgan, & Hollenhorst, 2007) was based on that protocol.
Temporal trends varied by age for MEP, [SIGMA]DEHP metabolites, MCPP, and MCNP (Figure 3; see also Supplemental Material, Table S4).
0001); and (D) MCNP (n = 6,375; parent phthalate, DiDP; p = 0.
National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) (CDC 2012), and MCOP and MCNP levels were comparable to those in adolescents in NHANES 2005-2006 (Calafat et al.
The metabolites MCOP and MCNP from the high-MWP DINP and DIDP, respectively, were modestly associated with current asthma in the present study.
10] transformed) of MCOP, MCNP, and MNP in the 334 samples with detectable concentrations of all three compounds.
This level of agreement, along with that between our ACCEPT and MCNP results indicated in Table 5, suggest that calculations of wall corrections as ratios of correlated results are rather insensitive to differences among the transport algorithms and radiation-interaction data used in current Monte Carlo codes.
Moreover, the CEA researchers have been using the MCNP (Monte Carlo N-Particle) computer code that NSOL has been expanding to model its technology.
MCNP may occur in young patients and have a clinical presentation indistinguishable from a benign pseudocyst.
4 MCOP NC NC MCNP NC NC MEP 112 204 Sum DEHP metabolism 0.
NSOL is currently engaged in computer modeling of its HYPERCON(TM) ADS process using the MCNP (Monte Carlo N-Particle) code, which the company has been expanding for photonuclear applications.