MCNSMedia Centre for National Security (Sri Lanka)
MCNSMinimal Change Nephrotic Syndrome (kidney disorder)
MCNSManaging Cisco Network Security
MCNSMultimedia Cable Network Systems
MCNSMinisterial Committee for National Security (Iraq)
MCNSMarist College North Shore
MCNSMultichannel Cable Network System (SCTE)
MCNSMultiple Cable Network Systems (IEEE 802.14)
MCNSMissed Call Notification Service (telecommunications)
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IBIGEO, Herbario MCNS, Facultad de Ciencias Naturales, Universidad Nacional de Salta, CP 4400, Salta, Argentina
It has been suggested that FSGS is actually a progressed form of MCNS, as childhood MCNS may become FSGS.
Of 19 biopsies with Clq nephropathy, 17 were determined to be FSGS and two were MCNS.
Classic MCNS typically presents between the ages of 2 - 6 years, with a slight male predominance.
Children who in addition to the classic features of MCNS also have macroscopic haematuria and hypertension (nephriticnephrotic picture)
Competence of MCNS staff was assessed by professionals qualified in blood administration from the cancer centre.
Dukes was responsible for the development of specifications for high-speed data over cable networks, serving as Vice President, Network Technology and as CEO of MCNS Holdings, LLC.
In 1995, TCI, Time Warner, Cox Communications and Comcast undertook the development of a security specification for digital cable networks to address these concerns, resulting in the MCNS Removable/Renewable Security System.
Hybrid has been a long time participant in the MCNS body, and has recently offered to license its patented asymmetric networking technology to other MCNS modem and headend manufacturers.
Testing in the lab involved demonstrating upstream physical layer (PHY) compliance with the MCNS Data Over Cable Service Specification (DOCSIS).
He is also the former Chief Executive Officer of MCNS Holdings, LLC, a holding for TCI, Time Warner, Cox Cable and Comcast and a member of International Engineering Consortium executive Council.