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MComMaster of Commerce (degree)
MCOMMarketing Communications
MCOMMidwest College of Oriental Medicine (Racine, WI and Chicago, IL)
MCOMMulti Cross Over Model
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MCOM User 3: I would definitely make the article link more noticeable.
MCOM users employed the database search box more often than PSS users.
MCOM User 2: I would change the link for people to find a place to search for scholarly articles.
Noticeable differences existed between the MCOM and PSS responses.
MCOM and PSS users gave the following responses when asked about their overall experience with the Texas Tech SRI site:
MCOM User 4: Well I have never been on this particular website so it was a little bit confusing at first glance but overall I feel that the page resources which are located on the left hand side of the screen helped me during my navigation.
The PSS users' knowledge of research and agriculture likely helped them relate to the site more than MCOM users.
PSS users had a lower average number of mouse clicks per task than MCOM users.