MCOOModified Combined Obstacle Overlay
MCOOMobility and Combined Obstacles Overlay
MCOOMulti Combined Obstacle Overlay
MCOOMetroplex Cancer Outreach Organization (Texas)
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This is more than 20 percent votes needed for the conversion of the cooperative," MCOO said in a statement.
FM 101-5, page 5-6 states, "The results of initial IPB are the MCOO and enemy SITTEMPs.
An S2 will never paint a good picture of a future battle with a narrative, an MCOO, and a busy, dusty (or muddy) acetate situation template.
Terrain-Analysis FEM Personnel Equipment Terrain analyst 1 x M997 and SINCGARS 1 x SGT 81T20 1 x Laptop computer with printer Terrain analyst DTSS-L 1 X GP, small tent 2 x SPC 81T10 1 x GPS 2 x NVGs 1 x HP Kayak system with plotter 1 x TACSAT and Tele-Engineering 1 x Topo database 1 x Trailer-mounted tactical quiet generator (TQG) Aircraft requirements 1 x C-130 Concept - Provide an enhanced digital terrain-analysis capability to the IRF or any deployed force up to brigade-size; product list includes MCOOs, elevation tints, 3-D maps, overprirts, topographic line maps (TLMs), fly-throughs, etc.