MCPCMultiple Channels Per Carrier
MCPCMobile Communications and Pervasive Computing (International Conference)
MCPCMobile Computing Promoting Consortium
MCPCMedia Center Personal Computer
MCPCMarine Corps Program Code
MCPCMesh-Connected Parallel Computers
MCPCMacroporous Calcium Phosphate Cement (bone void filler)
MCPCMulticarrier Complementary Phase-Coded
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These highly regarded security features are why this tablet received an outstanding product award in the MCPC award 2014 program.
The MCPC assay developed in this study was based on real-time PCR detection sets previously developed for the 8 foodborne pathogens.
The MCPC outlines a military case from start to finish, including pretrial investigation, referral to trial, execution of the sentence, and appeal.
Therefore, it is expected that the creep response of MCPC will depend on both the foam microstructure as well as on the effect of the cycle of gas sorption and desorption on the PC matrix.
In some cases this simple MCPC method found results that were better than those found by the SCPC method.
We are glad to be working with Encompass on adding two HD channels via a new Encompass' MCPC platform on our Measat-3 satellite," said Jarod Lopez, director of sales, Broadcast Services at Measat.
In the case of MCPC, the number of crossovers allowed to a selected couple is a key parameter and consequently self-adaptation is achieved by adding to the chromosome structure "labels" describing the number of crossover allowed to each individual.
632 Color: PAL Uplink: Arqiva Winchester - UKI-WIN3 +44(0)1962-823000 Available at BT Tower from Pacific Television Center's ABQH3 ASIA / PACIFIC PLEASE NOTE: SECOND ASIA FEED IS ON A DIFFERENT VIRTUAL CHANNEL 1st Feed: Date: 16th February 2007 Time: 0415-0430 GMT Satellite: PAS-2/08C MCPC CH.
NASDAQ: RRST), a leading provider of comprehensive digital content management and global content distribution services to the television and radio broadcasting industries, announced today that it has signed a contract with MEASAT Satellite Systems (MEASAT) to launch a new C-band MCPC platform on the AFRICASAT-1a satellite planned for launch in early 2013.
44-207-702-1427 ASIA/PACIFIC Feed 1 January 30th, 2007 7:00AM-7:15AM Tokyo Local (2200-2215 GMT on 1/29/07) Feed #2 January 30th, 2007 11:00AM-11:15AM Tokyo Local (0200-0215 GMT) Satellite: PAS-2/08C MCPC CH.
Programmers also relying on IntelsatOne terrestrial network and MCPC platforms for increased efficiency and expanded coverage
632 FEC: 3/4 Color: PAL Trouble#: +1-310-287-3800 At BT Tower from PAC's ABQH3 UK call for complementary refeeds +44-207-702-1427 ASIA PACIFIC Date: 7th December Time: 10:00-10:15 GMT / 19:00-19:15 Tokyo Time Satellite: PAS-2/08C MCPC CH.