MCPCCMotor Carrier Passenger Council of Canada
MCPCCMarine Corps Practical Comptroller Course
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Lot 2 Points delivery profiles and load curve (differentiated BPU) (ie "Greens"), connected in HTA belonging to members of the group, counted and evaluated as an indication of volume consumption in Appendix 1 bis of this MCPCC subsequent market.
Invoices for cleaning services of buildings listed in Annex Cd1 MCPCC should be forwarded for payment to the following address Mail Regional Office Marine Toulon (Toulon or BCRM) PFAF SE - Finance Office - BP 42-83800 Toulon Cedex 9
Detailed tables for each batch are attached MCPCC specifying - The name of the parts,- The nature and the soil surface,- The nature and dimensions of the interior and exterior joinery,- The nature of the vertical walls and ceilings,- The type and number of vents,- Non-exhaustive list of the establishments concerned.