MCPFMalaysian Crime Prevention Foundation (est. 1993; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
MCPFMaster Certified Picture Framer (Professional Picture Framers Association certification)
MCPFMidland Counties Photographic Federation (Birmingham, England, UK)
MCPFMorton Cure Paralysis Fund (Minneapolis, MN)
MCPFModified Coupled-Pair Functional (quantum chemistry)
MCPFMaterials Characterization & Preparation Facility (HKUST)
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Fran Gray, MCPF, Roney's Creative Picture Framing, Florence, S.
The PPFA Service Award went to Don Berkman, MCPF, Framemakers, Austin, Texas; and the Chapter Volunteer of the Year Award was presented to Paul Rojik, CPF, Frame Gallery Inc.
3 for the MCPF, which is clearly on the high side of the estimates for the MCPF in the United States; see, for example, Fullerton (1991).
Again, assuming the MCPF is not too high (or [delta] is low), the bracketed expression in the right-hand side of Equation 28 is positive.
ACAF was more potent than MCPF in relaxing the ileum (Table 7) probably due to a difference in the chemical structure or concentration of the relaxant constituents of the two drugs.
The relaxant effects of ACAF, MCPF, MCAF were shown to be mediated by [alpha] and [beta] adrenergic receptors in the ileum and colon, since tolazoline and propranolol blocked the relaxations.
Ellen Collins, MCPF, Howard's Art Supplies & Frames, Hagerstown, Md.
Vivian Kistler, MCPF, GCF, Columba Publishing, Akron, Ohio, will kick things off with a presentation aptly titled "Jump-Start Your Business
Fran Gray received her MCPF certification in 2004 at the PMA International Convention and Trade Show.
The MCPF exam involves the presentation of framed works for disassembly and review by the examiner.
Kerry Wilson, MCPF, GCF, Windrush Gallery, Fairfax, Va.
The MCPF exam fee is $400 for members or employees of members, or $565 for non-members.