MCPIMedical Consumer Price Index
MCPIMaine Community Policing Institute (now Maine Institute for Public Safety)
MCPIMarxist Communist Party of India
MCPIMaine Coon Polydactyl International
MCPIMemory Cycles Per Instruction
MCPIMetal Conjugated Polymer Interface
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BLS measures the MCPI as the weighted average of changes in transaction prices for medical care items--medications, professional services, hospital services, and health insurance--using consumer expenditures as expenditure weights.
Haldia, as both EXIDE and MCPI are from this region) which has made QCs effective.
The following excerpt from the MCPI (2005) study seems to suggest that there is indeed such a link:
As demonstrated by Bryan and Pike, the MCPI is more closely related to changes in the money supply than the CPI, which indicates that it is a better measure of monetary inflation and is less affected by relative price changes.
Table 2 compares the percent change in the base years' 1982-1984 MCPI with the percent change in the mean prescription reimbursement between CYs 1994-2003 and adjusts the mean prescription reimbursement based on 2003 dollars.
Interestingly, the 1990-96 period was marked by relative stability in price inflation but much public discussion on the need for, and probability of, a future reduction in the MCPI less CPI differential.
Data from the MCPI are used as proxies for prices and weights in producing most other medical care price series.
In reality, the MCPI does not measure every component that accounts for total medical care cost increases.
At the 5th MCPI Summit we explore: Why would a consumer be interested, why would a merchant be interested and how well are the solutions being offered in the market meshing with these needs?
With the theme 'Realizing the Sustainable Development Goals through Microfinance', the recently-held MCPI conference discussed current efforts of the microfinance sector that are related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) initiated by the United Nations.
Farakka; and two private sector organizations, EXIDE, Haldia; and MCPI, Haldia.