MCPSSMobile County Public School System
MCPSSMedicare Contractor Provider Satisfaction Survey
MCPSSMontgomery County Public School System
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The MCPSS enables CMS to make valid comparisons of provider satisfaction between contractors and, over time, improvements to Medicare.
The summary report of the survey findings is available on the CMS Web site in the MCPSS section at http://www.
MCPSS considers scores of 70 percent or higher as the standard for proficiency; the number of students who clear that bar increases every quarter.
Further information about the MCPSS is available at http://www.
MCPSS will be administered on an annual basis to measure satisfaction with key services performed by the 42 FFS contractors that process and pay more than $280 billion in Medicare claims each year.
CMS will use the MCPSS results for Medicare contractor oversight.
All potential bidders must attend a mandatory pre-bid meeting to be held at MCPSS Transportation Dept.